Hello GBEN!

Thanks for visiting our Go Fund Me page and coming here to get more details on what you are supporting when you give. If you haven’t visited our Go Fund Me, it’s here.

Although you can donate any amount (no amount is too small), here is a more detailed description of each of the Go Fund Me levels:

GBEN tote bag ($20)
You’ll be entered into a chance to win 1 of 5!

Independent Consultants ($30)
1-year free consultant listing on the GBEN website

2 hour consulting/coaching support on the following topics:

Gretchen Biesecker ($100):

    Theory of change, logic model, internal evaluation staffing, evaluation planning support with Gretchen Biesecker (may redeem hours within May 15, 2017-August 31, 2017) (1 available)

Laura Beals and Rachel Albert ($101):

    Building an internal evaluation team, system planning, resource allocation for evaluation, or database design-  (1 available)

Julia Gittleman ($102):

    General evaluation planning or capacity building support (1 available)

George Reuter ($103):

    Database design, administration or data analysis best practices (especially support for Salesforce)  (2 available)

Executive Level: $50 Each:

  • Building a better powerpoint- Danelle Marable (2 opportunities)
  • Dataviz design or remake support- Amanda Sutter (2 opportunities)
  • Evaluation messaging for advocacy and communications- Dana Benjamin (1 opportunity)
  • K-12 education evaluation design- Bryan Hall (1 opportunity)
  • Health evaluation design or mixed method approaches- Elizabeth Brown (2 opportunities)
  • Focus group or interview guide help- Kelly Washburn (2 opportunities)
  • Analyzing data in Excel- Erin Cooley (1 opportunity)

$35 Eval and Funders with Prentice Zinn!

Group workshop for 6 people:

The Dance of Foundation Relations

Foundation relations is a neglected topic of discussion, but veteran fundraisers know that it is a skill that can make or break a funding opportunity. The goal of this workshop is to highlight the social and cognitive dimensions of funder behavior that will increase your success with institutional donors. The 3-hour workshop will give nonprofit fundraisers a behind-the-scenes perspective of the key drivers of foundation decision-making so that they can manage their relationships with funders more strategically. A mix of discussion activities will focus on the most common questions about foundation relations:

  • How do funders make decisions?
  • What funder biases should I guard against?
  • How can I influence funders besides the written proposal?
  • What data do funders value as they assess potential impact?
  • What are the common pitfalls in foundation relations?
  • How do I manage the unequal power dynamic?


Thank you so much to our GBEN members who are donating their time to help us reach our goal and thank you for contributing!